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Start a Play for Peace Club

Around the world, youth are becoming agents of change and ambassadors for peace. They’re forming Play for Peace Clubs in response to a local need for change in the face of conflict, helping communities become more self-sufficient, resilient, and unified. 

Locally operated and run, clubs are formed by at least 5 youth (15–25 years old) with the support of a local adult (who becomes a club Mentor) after receiving training from a Play for Peace Certified Trainer. Clubs then implement Practice Peace Sessions in their neighborhoods, schools, and communities, or through local organizations, using cooperative play to teach trust, communication, respect, and cooperation. To maintain active status, clubs are asked to share photos, videos, and experiences of at least four cooperative play activities per year.

Training workshop costs will vary by location and trainer. Please fill out this form to begin the process of exploring if starting a Play for Peace club is the right thing for you and your community.

Play for Peace Club Pre-application Form

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Please note: Additional information/materials may be requested.

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