When Everyone is Invited, Everybody Wins!

Play for Peace is a community of over 2,000 people spanning 40+ countries who are, right now, creating a more peaceful world. Anyone who believes in our mission and is guided by our core values is invited to get join, support and promote our work so that everyone, including the many communities we impact, wins as a result.

Our vision

To ignite learning initiatives in regions around the globe, networking as one unified community that contributes to a more peaceful world. 

Meet our global learning community

Through Play for Peace, children, youth, adults, and organizations in communities affected by conflict have a platform to come together and create powerful, meaningful interactions. These individuals are transformed into architects and leaders of peace, and with the support of our global facilitators and ongoing learning opportunities, can unify their communities. Together they contribute to a more peaceful world.

Global facilitators

Esteemed advisors and purveyors of our community.

Behind-the-scenes facilitators of operations. 

Supporters who help spread and grow Play for Peace. 

Local facilitators

Certified instructors of our methodology and activities.

Groups of youth leaders and adult organizers.

Local organizations that support clubs and mentors.

We believe

Anyone can be an architect,
builder, and leader for peace.

Every community has the
resources needed to create peace.

Every community can
create and sustain peace.

Community snapshot:
Palencia, Guatemala

Palencia, Guatemala, is located 45 minutes outside of the capital of Guatemala City and is known to have one of the highest murder rates in the world due to gang violence, domestic abuse, extortion, and kidnappings. New York photographer Ben Rosenzweig joined Play for Peace Certified Trainer Andres Armas in Palencia during a USAID funded violence prevention program working with over 100 youth, 200 adults, and 1,000 children. In the following images you will meet some of the inspiring people there who are standing up to violence.

Where we work

Any time, day or night, Play for Peace is happening somewhere in the world. In 60+ communities around the globe—each with its own diverse characteristics, talents, and resources—our work is transforming lives, all while bringing richness and creativity to our diverse global learning community.

Click on each of the countries to learn about its unique challenges and our ongoing efforts to create peace.