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Live Laughter + Choose Compassion + Practice Peace

Play for Peace is a collective effort by a committed global community, from trainers and youth leaders in the field to volunteers and donors all over the world. Everyone has something to give and can be a leader of peace in his or her own way. Our community makes our mission a reality and invests in bettering the lives of children and communities today and tomorrow. Choose your Play for Peace path.

Our volunteers come from all over the world to spread the word about our work and impact lives. Join our global volunteer team, either online to promote Play for Peace or in person to organize our programs and events.

Thanks to our supporters worldwide, we can bring laughter and joy to children living in areas affected by conflict. Whether you give now, support us monthly, or start a fundraiser, donate now and help us make an impact.

Seeing Play for Peace in action is believing in its impact. Activate change in your community by starting a club, hosting a peace session, or becoming a certified trainer who teaches others to become leaders of peace.