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Play for Peace Club in Burundi

Healing Play

Founded as Play for Peace Club: 2019

Mentors: Obed Nijimbere
Partner Organization: THARS
Location: Bujumbura, Burundi 

Focus: Bringing joy and promoting peace among youth, especially orphans and victims of violence and war.

In February 2019, Play for Peace trainers Sam and Sarah Towers visited Burundi, hosting peace sessions with students, teachers, and staff in six different schools and working with partner THARS (Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services). Since Play for Peace uses cooperative play to release tension and help people cope with trauma, THARS was very interested in learning about its methodology and integrating Play for Peace into its sessions. After the success of these sessions, the group in Burundi officially registered as a Play for Peace club in May 2019, with THARS as its partner organization. Called the Healing Play Club, the group is eager to work with the global learning community and connect with Play for Peace clubs around the world, sharing the same values of cooperation, inclusion, caring, and fun.

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Partner for Peace

Trauma Healing And Reconciliation Services (THARS) is pioneering provides resources for trauma, healing, and reconciliation in Burundi and the African Great Lakes Region. Made up of a group of psychosocial practitioners and peacemakers, the group contributes to healing and peacemaking in the local area, helping people from all walks of life to resolve their differences.

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