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  • Sarah Gough

  • Last login:
  • Oct 20, 2020, 8:38 PM

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Executive Director




English, Spanish, French



I have worked in experiential education for almost a decade but only in the recent past few years have I gone beyond executing to understanding. And in this journey of exploring the meanings and possibilities, I stumbled onto Play for Peace. It was like the adventure that revives your engagement with work through its energy. I work with play for peace with a central agenda: to dive into the world of games in every capacity. And each time I leap, I discover what it means to be a peace embracing person and be a child again. Wearing multiple hats in the world of learning and development, Komal is a part of an organization that works with experiential learning based out of Mumbai, India while running her own experiential learning programs. Komal works with the Indian chapter of Outward Bound called Himalayan Outward Bound as a trainer, she has collaborated with artists across the nation to launch a platform for arts based learning for organizations and whenever possible, she plays with children. Previous to this she lived in Delhi and ran corporate adventure based workshops. Komal has been involved with the Play for Peace community since 2012.