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Play for Peace Club in Mexico

Mexico Club

Founded as Play for Peace Club: 2017

Mentor: Francisco Hueyatl León
Regional Coordinator: Andrés Armas
Partner Organization: UBAM
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Focus: Inclusion and caring for youth in an educational space. Compassion towards immigrants and refugees.

The Play for Peace club in Mexico started its work in 2017 after a profound training given by certified trainers Andrés Armas and Sarah Gough. The connection, however, has a longer history, since Francisco Hueyatl, the club mentor, had been working with Play for Peace as a U.N. volunteer for some time. As a graphic design professor at a community college, he has helped the Play for Peace group evolve around the college, which is mainly comprised of students who are the first in their families to receive a college education. The group puts a large focus on non-violent communication, a topic that according to Francisco is vastly overlooked and important for bullying prevention. As a result of its location, the club also addresses issues around migration, as many Central American immigrants trying to make their way north pass through the area.

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