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Play for Peace: A Good Investment 

We have a 25-year history of fostering resiliency, life, and conflict resolution skills with over a million children from 30+ countries in conflict, including Israel, Ukraine, El Salvador, and inner cities in the United States. We train teen and adult peacebuilders to use cooperative play and community service to develop compassionate connections, support communities in breaking the cycles of violence that have plagued their neighborhoods for generations, and bring laughter and hope to children experiencing trauma, depression, and discrimination.

Amidst the global tragedies, you might be exploring ways to support our mission. In your research of our organization, it's valuable to consider charity ratings. These assessments and evaluations give donors, stakeholders, and the public insights into how effectively a charity manages its resources, fulfills its mission, and utilizes donations. We have undergone reviews by Guidestar/Candid and Charity Navigator. We also have a fully compliant profile with the IRS (EIN: 36-4254565).


In Guidestar, we have a 2023 Platinum Transparency rating, the highest level awarded. GuideStar is a “go-to” for many commercial businesses and foundations.

Charity Navigator

In Charity Navigator, our current rating stands at 70% or 2/4 stars. We have found the following issues with our rating here;

  • Our score was deducted 27 points for financial files and policies not reviewed. They can all be found here.
  • Another 6 points were deducted from our Liabilities to Assets ratio. This score is accurate, but the context is that while our organization has not taken out a loan or used credit for over 15 years, our leadership voted to receive an SBA loan during the pandemic. We felt that the low-interest loan was a strategically sound decision to mitigate the risks of the uncertainty of the times.
  • Impact & Results section. It's not currently scored. However, it is unfortunate to have this section blank. We cannot participate in this part of the review because "they have not yet developed an algorithm to estimate the programmatic impact" of our organization.

We are working with Charity Navigator and hope to resolve this within several months to a year. Once this is settled, our rating will improve significantly.