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Country Profile: United States

The United States is a diverse melting pot of cultures, religions, and ethnicities, since for much of the country's history it has drawn people from across the globe to what is known as the "land of opportunity." Unfortunately, much internal conflict also exists. Discrimination against people based on gender, religion, race, and sexual orientation can be felt in areas throughout the country, and in far too many cases violence is the result. And in light of today's political landscape, the country has become even more divided by its differences. While our current programming is in Los Angeles, over the years Play for Peace has worked extensively in Chicago, Denver, Baltimore and various other towns and cities.  

The Heart of Los Angeles Club was started by 9th and 10th graders in Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), an organization that gives underserved kids an equal chance to succeed through a comprehensive array of after school academic, arts, athletics and wellness programs. The group works in central L.A., an area which has a particularly high concentration of new immigrants and first generation Americans struggling to make their way, which can sometimes make for a volatile environment, vulnerable to poverty and crime. 

Play for Peace is the centerpiece of the leadership programming at HOLA. High school age youth facilitators lead monthly cooperative play sessions with younger students, and over 300 elementary and middle school age participants benefit from these activities. 

"There has been a big impact on both the students who are receiving and those who are giving the Practice Peace sessions. Both students have increased their cooperative skills and also improved harmony in the group."   

Loren Rubin 
Senior Program Director,
Heart of Los Angeles Club

Play for Peace Clubs, Stories, and Projects

Heart of Los Angeles Club (HOLA)

Los Angeles, California

Gems of Idaho Club 


Chicago Goode Club

Chicago, Illinois

  • Sep 26, 2022

    "One of the indicators of the magic of the day was the joy and connection that participants left with and the choice they all made to spend the evening together rather than..."

  • Aug 9, 2022

    The video is of one of our facilitators arriving at home and a group of neighborhood kids greeting her with the PFP opening. Only one of those kids was in our play session the week before. They taught the opening to the other kids and they all now wait for her to arrive in the afternoon to do this with her. Such a great ripple effect! The best thing I've seen in a long time....

  • Jun 10, 2022

    In Chicago, what started as an idea two years ago, to lead a Practice Peace Session (cooperative play session) with a neighboring elementary school, only to have it canceled due to the pandemic, finally happened with a little persistence and with the help of a whole community! Meet Zaire in Part 1 of this series.

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