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Country Profile: Vietnam

Declared a unified country in 1975 after a decades-long war resulted in colonization, Vietnam has a population of more than 96 million people and boasts one of Southeast Asia's fastest growing economies. However, much of its land remains contaminated by chemical agents, landmines, shells, and bombs. This after-effect of war has wounded or killed over 105,000 Vietnamese—many of them children. Currently, a large youth population is helping to develop the country and face these challenges head on.

In 2011, Play for Peace was invited to Vietnam and began working with Rita Nguyen, who is currently a Play for Peace trainer and regional coordinator. After working with HIV children as a part-time consultant for an international non-profit organization, she joined a Play for Peace training that completely changed her path. Impressed with Play for Peace's dedication to supporting the community and sharing their knowledge and skills, Rita and her teammates founded A New Day Social Work Club, one of Play for Peace's first clubs. The club works with those who are marginalized by society, children who have HIV, the LGBTQ community, children in rural areas, and people who are physically challenged. Now Rita is inspiring a new generation to lead student and young professional volunteers.

Play for Peace Vietnam's work is supported by the local community, including Thich Nu Thien Luan, a Buddhist nun and educational project partner. Most of her community's residents are domestic immigrants from northern and central Vietnam who lack money and education. When A New Day Social Work Club visited her temple, she observed many changes in the children there, including kindness and compassion for one another, confidence in themselves, and the motivation to make changes in their lives. Going forward, A New Day Social Work Group will continue its work helping children and teens facing social, cultural, and other conflict in Vietnam. 

Play for Peace Clubs, Projects, and Stories

A New Day Social Work Club

Ho Chi Minh City

Danang Club

Danang City

Quy Nhon Club

Quy Nhon City

Non-Smoking Club

Hanoi City

  • Mar 27, 2023

    We love when the Play for Peace community get’s to connect around the globe! Board of Directors member Mark Havens met up with A New Day Club members Mr. Trong, Ms. Phung and Mr. Luc for lunch on his recent biking trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Mar 30, 2022

    We’d love for you all to help us welcome another new coordinator, Tham Thi Le who will be leading our Southeast Asia region!

  • Oct 30, 2019

    We are very excited about two new Play for Peace clubs that recently started in Vietnam, the Danang Club and the Quy Nhon club! After forming this past summer, both clubs are working on educational initiatives that will benefit children in their region, and need your help.

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