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Category : Global

Personal Wellbeing: The Key to Global Peace

In a world filled with distractions, personal well-being often takes a backseat. However, this blog argues that prioritizing well-being is crucial for global peace. Exploring the nexus between individual wellness and societal harmony, it highlights how self-awareness, empathy, stress reduction, positive relationships, empowerment, global consciousness, conflict resolution skills, and role modeling contribute to a more peaceful world. Ultimately, it asserts that investing in personal well-being is essential for fostering a more compassionate, just, and harmonious world.

Welcoming Dr. Michael Gass to the Play for Peace Team

We are excited to announce that Dr. Michael Gass has joined the Play for Peace team as our new Director of Research and Funds. With decades of experience and over 2,000 citations, Dr. Gass is a renowned expert in educational research and adventure therapy. He co-authored the leading textbook "Adventure Therapy" and has held key leadership roles in experiential education. His innovative research and dedication to community impact align perfectly with our mission. Dr. Gass’s long-standing support for Play for Peace highlights his belief in the power of compassionate play. Join us in welcoming him to our team.

The Power of Collaboration: Insights from Episode 14 of 'It's In The Experience' Podcast

In the latest "It's In The Experience" podcast, Sherry Bagley talks with Sarah Gough and Marilyn Levin from Play for Peace about the power of teamwork in experiential education. They share their experiences in bringing people together and making a positive impact. The episode highlights the partnership between the Association for Experiential Education and Play for Peace, offering tips for new educators. Listen to learn how experiential education can help improve the world.

Welcome Our New Board Members: Carol Bowden and Rahul Shah

We are excited to welcome Carol Bowden, Pharm.D., MBA, and Rahul Sha, MBA to our Board of Directors. Carol, and Rahul, bring diverse expertise in healthcare and global finance. Their addition will greatly enhance our mission. Special thanks to Cause Strategy Partners for the introduction. Stay tuned for updates on this new chapter.

A Journey of Purpose and Passion: Kiran Sahani's Path to the McCall MacBain Scholarship

My journey has been driven by a vision for an equitable community. Starting with street plays on critical issues like child labor and women's empowerment, and evolving through the Play for Peace initiative, we've engaged youth and inspired positive change. This path has not only fostered my growth as a community leader but also emphasized core values of inclusion, cooperation, and fun. I carry the lessons of integrity, kindness, curiosity, and courage, striving for a brighter, inclusive future.

Celebrating 25 Years of Peacebuilding

On April 20th, in Chicago, Play for Peace celebrated 25 years of impactful peacebuilding endeavors. The event featured insights from key figures who emphasized the organization's profound influence globally. Play for Peace's adaptability during COVID-19 was highlighted. The narrative of the organization's journey is marked by resilience and community solidarity. 

Understanding Autism: Lessons from a Parent and Director

Today, on Autism Awareness Day, I share a piece of my heart and journey with you. As a parent of an autistic child and the director of Play for Peace, I've learned invaluable lessons about love, patience, and understanding beyond words. From realizing the depth of non-verbal communication to embracing the beauty of stimming and appreciating the grace in processing time, my journey has been one of profound growth and connection. 

A day in Boston

All day I tried to keep up with Alice. It is not easy, Alice walks very fast and is present in many places at once and with every person. She is very attentive. She asks everyone "How are you?" but these are not empty words. She looks deep into their eyes and they answer with the truth, a truth that is not always easy. She is a Lead Teacher for  Social Emotional Learning in Cambridge. Primarily, she works with children with trauma and mental health problems. When she started, she was alone with 7,000 children. 

Abel Erim Aldana: Transforming Violence to Peaceful Advocacy with Play for Peace.

In all these years of Play for Peace in Guatemala, we have shared with many organizations, communities, and people who know that this works to achieve changes for peace and a more just world. Abel Erim Aldana has been part of this community since 2008 implementing our work model in his community, Abel is a leader in favor of violence prevention at heart, he lives in one of the most difficult areas of the capital Guatemala.

"Echoes of Tranquility: Mantras for a Peaceful Mind."

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding moments of peace and love can sometimes feel like a distant dream. From juggling work deadlines to managing household responsibilities, the daily grind often leaves little room for inner tranquility. Yet, amidst the chaos, there exists a timeless practice that holds the promise of serenity: mantras.