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Category : Israel

How Our Club in Israel is Creating Connection, Even During COVID-19

Since 2016, the Youth for Change Club in Israel has hosted cultural exchanges as a way to connect in person with youth from other cultures. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group had figure out a new way to engage with other youth that would bring them together while staying physically apart.

Sa'eed Diabat: Global Thinker, Local Leader

As the founder and a mentor of the Youth for Change Galilee Club in Israel, Sa’eed Diabat is an important part of the Play for Peace community. He also has an important story to tell. 

Bringing Joy to Children in Crete Through the Universal Language of Laughter

Earlier this year, youth leaders from our clubs in Israel and Greece joined together to lead cooperative play sessions with Belarussian orphans through the organization Crete for Life. It was life changing for the youth leaders and children alike.

Building Bridges Between Religions: Play for Peace Interfaith Work in Israel

Amid ongoing violence and conflict between Israel and Palestine, Play for Peace mentor Sa'eed Diabat is working toward peace. Organizing a special two-day interfaith training among Muslim, Christian, and Druze leaders, his group worked to ignite cooperation and create friendship despite their differences.

The Power of Partnering: Training Play for Peace Youth Leaders in Israel

“Play for Peace encourages the kids to practice peaceful co-existence and inclusiveness. These are the ideals they value.”  —Zohar Sachar, Hand in Hand Community Organizer

Building on Deep Roots in Israel

"There is so much to learn here and so much work to do. We've been fortunate at this point to have such great support from the community in the Middle East." - Play for Peace Co-Founder Craig Dobkin In the Fall of 2014, Play for Peace Executive…

Looking Beyond Israel's Headlines

“Our graduates wanted to continue their connection to their old Hand in Hand school through Play for Peace, working with younger kids. In the Play for Peace program they received facilitation tools which gave them the ability to go on to their new…

Fostering Youth Leaders in Israel

"By the end of this project, participating youth will have received additional skills, confidence in their leadership skills and a brighter understanding of the world around them. The children will have a deeper awareness of our key core values and…