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Tag : Global

Welcome Regional Coordinator, Arzoo!

Please help us in giving a warm welcome to our new South Asia Regional Coordinator, Arzoo Shakir!

Help us Supercharge Positive Change

Since laughter and having fun is, in a way, the core business of Play for Peace, we formed a very natural partnership with the first-ever global collaborative fundraising challenge in the world—the ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) challenge.

AN ORGANIC HEALER: Guest Blog Series

"We were born with collective identity that is why we coexist and can connect with each other on many levels." I meant to share these thoughts for a long time. These thoughts are coming from my fifteen years of journey from help-seeker to a healer.…

A Dream of Peace in South Sudan

"Please don't give up on us" - Play for Peace participant in South Sudan In a country of beauty, potential, and energy, South Sudan is struggling with an increasing number of localized wars and a growing volume of refugees and child soldiers. The…

One Small City Tries a Big Strategy for Change: Guest Blog Series

Play for Peace is not just about play. It is a powerful strategy for changing the paradigm of race and class relationships through cooperative play. - Maurine Pyle One thing I learned when I visited Play for Peace in Guatemala in 2007 was that size…

#ThankyouTuesday to all of our Feast for Peace Guests and Donors

"What an amazing night! It was fun, informative and inspiring!" Thank you to everyone who supported our 2015 Feast for Peace. Over 130 guests braved the chilly Chicago weather to share the evening with us! It was a beautiful night with delicious…