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Tag : Greece

Bringing Joy to Children in Crete Through the Universal Language of Laughter

Earlier this year, youth leaders from our clubs in Israel and Greece joined together to lead cooperative play sessions with Belarussian orphans through the organization Crete for Life. It was life changing for the youth leaders and children alike.

#OurCommunities: The Power of Play in the Aftermath of War: Rayan Salam

“One of the most beautiful aspects, I think, is that it makes them feel at peace. They forget about their current troubles, what they have been through and about war. For a bit they just play." —Rayan Salam 

Voices For Peace: Saam Murad

Volunteer Saam Murad from the Play for Peace AMAL club at the Skaramangas refugee shares his story of pain and hope.

#PFPGlobalUnity: Crete For Life and AMAL Play for Peace Club Come Together

When it comes to engaging in social responsibility and when that engagement is voluntary, connecting and sharing becomes a crucial part of the whole idea. Each connection creates stronger bonds and makes all the effort count. 

Finding Daily Motivation on a Slippery Ground of Refugee Camps

It has been a while since the idea of starting a Play for Peace club in Skaramangas Camp in Athens, Greece, became real. From the very beginning, we have shared stories from Swati and Agyat, PFP mentors who took an active role in sharing PFP games…

PFP Trainers Swati and Agyat Conduct Practice Peace Session at Skaramangas Refugee Camp

Continuously, in different environments and among different cultures, Play For Peace volunteers aim to give support to those who need it. Focuses are different, and at the moment one of the most concerning is the one that touches lives of people who…