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Tag : Pakistan

Photo Gallery: Starfish Pakistan at Abba House

Sometimes, all you need are some photographs to remind you why we do what we do. The Starfish Club in Pakistan recently hosted a peace session at the Abba House, and the photos say it all.

Pakistan and India conflicts escalate. Play for Peace brings hope.

The conflict between Pakistan and India continues to escalate. In Kashmir, conditions are unimaginable. However, contact has been made with our Play for Peace mentor there, who is safe.

India, Pakistan, and Play for Peace

Play for Peace went to Lahore, Pakistan, for the first time in 2014. Trainers Swati and Agyat spent a fortnight there and were invited to the Children's Literature Festival to share Play for Peace with teachers and children.

Photo Gallery: Starfish Pakistan in Lahore

Recently Starfish Pakistan visited Abba Home, a girls's orphanage in Lahore, Pakistan. See the smiles on their faces during their practice peace session.

Deadly Bombing in Pakistan a Reminder of Importance of Peace and Interfaith Harmony

We at Play for Peace send our thoughts and prayers to all our friends in Pakistan and may peace come to the region. The Easter weekend bombing in Lahore saw more than 70 dead and over 300 injured.

Education in Pakistan and a Play for Peace Moment...

Pakistan’s education system is in dire need of help. The country's literacy rate is only at 58% and there is also the issue of violence against the education system. But there are glimmers of hope, including the work of Play for Peace's Starfish Club.

Crossing The Border: A "Peace is Possible" Story

"It has taken time for Play for Peace to cross this border, over 15 years in fact, and now that it has, we aim to keep the connection alive because another world IS POSSIBLE..." The border that has been so difficult to cross lies between India…

Reclaiming The Mountain: A "Peace is Possible" Story

Look! It's our community, it's so beautiful! Like many boys his age, what Carlos*, 9, doesn't lack is energy. However, until Play for Peace began in his community two years ago, he had been spending most of his time behind locked gates in his home…