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Play for Peace Youth

The vision of Play for Peace is to ignite learning initiatives in regions around globe, networking as one unified community that contributes to a more peaceful world. Play for Peace focuses on supporting individuals and groups who want peaceful community changes, but lack the skills or strategies to make their vision a reality. We fill that need and tap into local leadership, knowledge and resources using a flexible model that can be implemented in diverse locations around the world. 

The heart and soul of what we do, however, is supporting our youth-led Play for Peace Clubs. Play for Peace is focused on supporting youth leaders, comprising multiple ethnic groups and functioning as cohesive working teams, developing their Play for Peace understanding and skills. They then facilitate experiential processes and activities with children throughout the year, as well as implement self-initiated peace-building experiences in the broader community.

Local partners contribute to the success of the Play for Peace vision and mission by donating needed resources, time, expertise and funds, most often this is in the form of local organizations that provide meeting space or staff to support to their local Play for Peace club. The Play for Peace global team supports local clubs and partners by organizing in-person and online training and mentoring, providing educational materials and curriculum, offering mini-grants for relevant activities as well as marketing and networking and the gathering the community in an on-line space where they can support and inspire each other.  

Play for Peace Club Locations

Play for Peace clubs are groups of young people that implement Play for Peace activities in their neighborhoods, schools, communities, and organizations across the globe. Locally operated, clubs are run by at least five youth (15-25 years old) with the support of an adult mentor and initiated to create peace in communities experiencing conflict. 

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We are currently updating all of our club information—please check back soon as we are adding new clubs and countries!

Countries with Active Clubs

Countries with Clubs In Development or Retired