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Ho Chi Minh Open University and PFP conduct a Peace Training Session

“I love children but I didn’t think that I had to be an artist to work with them.”

On July 24, 2016, an innovative session was conducted at Ho Chi Minh Open University. This training session was conducted for mentally challenged children to share knowledge and techniques on how to control the specific symptoms of each mental disorder.

The New Day Social Work Club was established in 2011. Since then, the club has had an ongoing relationship with Play for Peace. The club works with children in tough situations and raises awareness about social issues. The club works with immigrants and marginalized communities.

The session was organized under the guidance of Mr. Ta Minh Duc, who has worked as a psychologist with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation Organization for the past 10 years. His extensive experiences involve working with HIV+ children and children with disabilities. An interesting technique called BEST – or Behavior Empowering Support Techniques – was used during the session.Movie Rings (2017)

The technique is a three-part cycle –

1) Pro Action: Preventing negative behaviors by establishing

ing caring relationships and environments that encourage positive behavior.

2) Redirection: Sometimes children get distracted, perhaps disinterested, or just fall a little bit off the “good behavior path.” At these times, when safety is of no concern, redirection is employed, simply changing the undesired behavior without actually addressing it.

3) Intervention: This occurs when the behavior of a child becomes unsafe, physically or emotionally. It is important to remain calm and respectful while directly addressing the behavior.

The New Day Club is determined to continue to work with this vulnerable community and continue through the future. They are excited to be a part of the PFP network, bringing meaningful values to people.

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