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Cultural Diversity Session at Nizamuddin Slum

Nitin Kalyan, a Youth Coordinator for Global Peace Foundation (GPF) India, worked with his group to organize a youth exchange between India and Nepal. This year, four Nepali youths - Sahaj, Sushila, Babit, and Bhupender - participated in the program. On Sunday, November 6, the group went to a youth club in Nizamuddin Slums. The youth center they visited is run by the YP Foundation. Nearly 20 children, mostly from Muslim and marginalized communities, participated in the session. The group learned about the culture in Nepal and also had a short session about Play for Peace. The youth exchange participants shared information about the culture, people, life, and diversity of Nepal. The children played several games, and when it was time for Nitin and the youth exchange participants to leave, the children asked for more games. Before they left, Nitin asked the children what they'd like to be in the future. One boy, Naved, said he'd like to open his school. Nagma said that she'd like to help other children in school when she finishes her studies.  

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