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What Would We Do Without Skype?

What do you do when you've got volunteers and leaders all over the world who can learn from each other? You host a virtual exchange on Skype, of course!

Back in August, the A New Day Play For Peace club in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and the Khula Aasman Play For Peace club in Mumbai, India, joined each other for a virtual club exchange. The session was planned for an hour, but the groups ended up spending 2 hours and 15 minutes talking with each other. The clubs both shared about their work, how Play For Peace is changing lives of the youth and children in their communities, and the challenges they face as youth leaders. They also shared new games from their respective communities, and taught each other about their greetings, geography and cultures. Both clubs asked a ton of questions and discussed conflicts their communities face. They also shared the resources and tools they use for their Practice Peace Sessions.  

"I have been coordinating exchanges for four years now and every time I join the exchange between two clubs, I learn so much about their work, the challenges they face and cultural similarities and differences we have," Play For Peace Global Operations Manager Imroz Shaw shared. "The energy and excitement on the call leave me with curiosity to know more about them. I had truly an empowering experience being on the call!"