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  • Sa'eed Diabat

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  • Apr 3, 2020, 9:44 AM

Profile Information

Certified Trainer and Mentor


Turaan, IL


Arabic, English, Hebrew



Hello everyone! My name is Saeed Diabat, and im in Play for Peace since the year 2006, (I was 20 years old college engineering student back then :) ). I love P4P activities because it could bring people from different ages and background to work together, share, experience, and of course- have fun! no matter how much the differences and the gaps are between them. It took me a couple of years after my first experience with P4P to realize the part i want to give to this huge, global and amazing movement in my life, so when i finished my college, i started thinking about establishing a P4P club for my community. in the beginning it was about initiating separate activities and bringing young boys and girls to cooperate together, and share experiences and talking about their cultures and traditions- all using fun games, enhancing compassion and bringing joy for all. And at the year 2017- it came to life! our community P4P club was born: "Youth for Change Galilee" started, and since then we hold annual exchange programs, making monthly sessions, and developing new ideas for activities and projects, all powered by the spirit of youth and Play for Peace activities. So come join us!