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  • Nikhil Mehta

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  • Feb 8, 2021, 2:20 PM

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Certified Trainer



English, Hindi, Marathi



My journey in the world of Play for Peace began in 2014 as a participant in a PFP workshop, while I was pursuing the DEEP (Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice) course. I felt an instant connect with the idea of PFP, particularly the aspect of co-operative and inclusive play. Since then, I’ve been practicing PFP in various spaces - communities, schools, learning environments, NGOs and other organizations. During this journey, I came to understand and ‘experience’ the core values – the spirit of PFP in a deeper manner, and the meaning of PFP for me kept evolving. It still is. I became aware that I have a passion for creating ‘safe’, caring spaces, and doing so through PFP co-operative games and Experiential Education tools is one of my strengths. What became further exciting for me is the opportunity that I later got as a trainer of PFP, and the positive multiplier impact that a PFP training workshop can have, when the participants apply it further in their own communities and work spaces. As a PFP trainer, I have been working (playing) in different parts of India, with people of different age groups - from five years young to ninety years ‘young’. I have also had some experience in working with people with disabilities, an area that I look forward to getting deeper into during the coming months and years.