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  • Nisha Sharma

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  • Mar 30, 2020, 3:09 AM

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Pune, India


Hindi, English, Kangadi, Punjabi



Nisha has been working as a school teacher for the last thirteen years. Her quest for making her interactions with her learners safe and meaningful has made her venture in various methodologies based on experiential education. The core-values of Play for Peace have given her a foundation to base all her personal and professional interactions. She tries to live by these values and create a safe learning space for all the learners who work around her. She thinks that Play for Peace is a powerful tool to reach out to people and help them to resolve the conflicts within themselves and with others. It is a transformational methodology which allows people to be kind to themselves and the others. Her regular work with children allows her to sow and nurture the seed of compassion and peace in the early ages. She is passionate about exploring essential life skills with children. These skills include practicing democracy, being intrinsically motivated, recognizing power dynamics within and around oneself and recognizing one’s own value-system. She is excited about working with children, theatre, traveling, story-telling and exploring sustainability as a life value.