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Designing a Better World: A New Effort in Mexico

For several years, Play for Peace Mexico mentor Francisco Hueyatl León has been leading Play for Peace's club in Mexico with love and dedication. Through practice peace sessions, community service activities for victims of a terrible earthquake, and helping the many passing migrants from Central America trying to make their way north, Francisco and his team have created more peace in their community.

Since Francisco is also a professor of graphic design, he and his students have begun supporting Play for a Peace in a very unique way. They are creating visual materials about Play for Peace in Spanish, which promote our values and activities and can be used to spread the word about our work in Latin America.

One month ago, Play for Peace Mexico’s club started a partnership with the group from Cantel in Guatemala. Francisco’s graphic design students are now creating visual materials for the Guatemalan club to help them with their activities and public relations.

As Play for Peace grows all over the world, these kind of activities and partnerships are incredibly valuable. Not only do they help our clubs to understand and support each other, but they also show that Play for Peace is a place where talented members of our community can contribute to our goal of creating a more peaceful world.

Watch this video to meet some of the Play for Peace Mexico volunteers contributing to this new effort.