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Celebrating Play for Peace's 20th Anniversary the Mexican Way

"Play for Peace is a platform and guide to do better, to make a difference, to achieve, to express yourself, and to help others.” —Francisco Hueyatl

This past September 17 marked an important milestone in the history of Play for Peace: the 20th year of the organization! To think of all the lives that have been touched and changed for the better, and how much Play for Peace has expanded around the world over the past two decades is mind-blowing. While the occasion has served as motivation to grow and reach more children in areas affected by conflict in the years to come, it's also a great occasion to celebrate.

In honor of this special milestone, Play for Peace Mexico joined the party the Mexican way: Everyone put on their fanciest shoes for a well-attended, well-deserved soiree to eat cake, have fun, and party in honor of the past 20 years and the many more still to come.

It was also a great opportunity to share everyone’s stories of Play for Peace—how they got involved, why they decided to stay, what experiences have impacted them the most, and all of the hopes they have for the future of Play for Peace around the world, and particularly in Mexico. The organization has only been present there for a small fraction of its 20 years, but this very enthusiastic group of around 13 people has proved it's power to ignite change, inspire others, and support one another. The group’s goal for the years to come is to help Play for Peace grow stronger and address some of Mexico’s more pressing social issues, including violence of all kinds.

As members of the Mexican club stood around the cake about to blow out the candles, a special wish was made. “May we all get the chance to help people in Mexico have more respect for one another and to communicate peacefully with the help of Play for Peace,” wished Francisco Hueyatl, one of the club’s longtime members and most active supporters.

And that’s exactly what we all wish. Cheers to the first 20 years of Play for Peace!