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Play for Peace meet Future Chefs in Boston, Massachussettes, USA

By integrating thepower of cooperative play and reflection, youth leadership, peace building and social emotional learning through experiential activities, the 4 da orientation at Future Chefs was met with resounding approval from the 45 high school participants enrolled in the Future Chefs Summer Jobs Program.  

Future Chefs Summer Jobs Program is a comprehensive culinary skills building program that prepares teens for successful life and work after highschool.  A major focus of the summer is for the students to plan, create and run a food pop up.  And in doing so develop their intrapersonal, interpersonal and community building capacities. 

Future Chefs understands that by providing early employment, transferable skills training, and ongoing coaching and support, a young person will establish early patterns of success. Through the lessons they learn at Future Chefs, we hope that they will continue to think about creative solutions whether it is in the kitchen, their communities, or the world. We encourage them in their efforts to foster a culinary industry that is inclusive, healthy, and mindful of its social and environmental impact.

Future Chefs’ model is based on the belief that every student is unique and flourishes in respectful, safe, stimulating settings that provide opportunities for growth, and relationships with caring, supportive adults who honor students’ lived experiences. Future Chefs occupies 5770 square feet of meeting, kitchen, and office space on the first floor of The Clarion where we deliver programming and continue to build community-based collaborations that directly and indirectly support our mission.

Yasmin also explained that Play for Peace methods, curriculum and activities were brought into staff team building, contributing to team cohesion and facilitation skills development. Staff then carried this new knowledge and Play for Peace core values of cooperation, inclusion, caring and fun into their work with the teens. 

We are always so happy to hear about where Play for Peace is making a difference!

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