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Inclusion - Marble version of All My Friends

During our Discussion and Play: Build a More Accessible Practice Peace Session participants went through our very favorite “All My Friends” activity to create a few variations to be more inclusive. You can now check them out on the variations tab of this activity in the Kikori App.

Our Variation:

“Working with children with different abilities, we have a few variations for this activity:

If you need this to be a stationary activity, ask participants to sit in a circle (very close circle) and give each student a marble. To start everyone tosses their marble into the center and the facilitator will say go, the last person to grab a marble will start with the "All my friends" statement. If students agree then they toss their marble in the middle. Once the marbles are in the middle, the facilitator says go and everyone grabs a marble, the last person to take a marble starts the next round of "All my friends"

Ask participants to decide together of how to move around the room. (e.g.: slow like a sloth, skip, hop, with sounds)”

Thank you Francisco, Troy, Neelu, Mark and Archana for these wonderful variations!

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